Art in Guanajuato

Festival Internacional Cervantino

Back in the 1950s, the festival merely consisted of entremeses (appetizers) from Miguel Cervantes' work performed by students. It has since grown to become one of Latin America's foremost arts events. Music, dance a…
Fair in Aguascalientes

Feria de San Marcos

Mid-April sees Mexico's biggest annual three- to four- week fair, the Feria de San Marcos. It centers on Expoplaza and attracts thousands of visitors with exhibitions, bullfights, cockfights, rodeos, concerts and cu…
Cultural in Aguascalientes

Festival de las Calaveras

During the 10-day Festival de las Calaveras (the dates vary but always encompass November 1 and 2), Aguascalientes celebrates Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) with an emphasis on the symbolism of calavera.
Religious in San Luis Potosí

Semana Santa

Holy Week is celebrated with concerts, exhibitions and other activities; on Good Friday (March/April) at 3pm, Christ's passion is re-enacted in the barrio of San Juan de Guadalupe, followed at 8pm by the Silent Proc…
Fair in San Luis Potosí

Feria Nacional Potosina

San Luis' National Fair, normally in the last three weeks of August, includes concerts, bullfights, rodeos, cockfights and agricultural shows.
Religious in San Luis Potosí

Día de San Luis Rey de Francia

On August 25 the city's patron saint, St Louis IX, is honored as the highlight of the Feria Nacional. Events include a parade, concerts and plays.
Religious in Real de Catorce

Fiesta de San Francisco

From the end of September to the end of October, 150,000 pilgrims pay homage to the figure of St Francis of Assisi in the town's church. Many of them just come for the day, while thousands stay in the town, filling …
Religious in Guanajuato

Baile de las Flores

The Flower Dance takes place on the Thursday before Semana Santa. The next day, mines are open to the public for sightseeing and celebrations. Miners decorate altars to La Virgen de los Dolores, a manifestation of t…
Religious in Guanajuato

Fiestas de San Juan y Presa de la Olla

The festivals of San Juan are celebrated at the Presa de la Olla park in late June. The 24th is the big bash for the saint's day itself, with dances, music, fireworks and picnics. Then on the first Monday in July, e…
Religious in Guanajuato

Día de la Cueva

Cave Day is a country fair held on different dates annually, when locals walk to a cave in the nearby hills to honor San Ignacio de Loyola and enjoy a festive picnic.