Northern Campeche restaurants

Bakery in Pomuch

Panadería La Huachita

One of the famous bread shops here, La Huachita has been around more than a century. Flags fly, the shelves are filled with a variety of comestibles and kitch, but the pan (bread) remains so popular it flies off the…
Mexican in Hecelchakán

Chujuc Haa

It's nothing special to look at, but this popular restaurant serves regional cuisine such as poc-chuc, the local pork steak (M$52) that comes with rice, beans and salad. A half order is plenty. Located four doors le…
Bakery in Pomuch

Panadería El Pan de Pomuch

Tasty bite-sized morsels in apple or cheese, loaves with a variety of fillings, and cheerful (if busy) staff.