Top Choice Taquería in Ensenada

La Guerrerense

Sabina Bandera’s award-winning seafood stand dates from the 1960s and attracts long lines with its outstanding seafood tacos, juicy ceviche (seafood marinated in lime juice) and tostadas (tortilla fried in deep fat)…
Top Choice International in Tijuana

Colectivo 9

The narrow pasaje (passage) approach provides an appropriate taster of what’s to come with its hip small boutiques and cafes; the Colectivo comprises nine small restaurants set around a central courtyard and fountai…
Top Choice Modern Mexican in Tijuana

La Diferencia

This restaurant specializes in entomophagy, particularly between April and June when there are up to nine edible insects available. If toasted grasshoppers don't tickle your fancy, the menu has a range of superbly p…
Top Choice North American in Playas de Rosarito


Owner Susanna dishes up delightful plates of tasty fare based on fresh seasonal produce spiked with Californian pizzazz. Light salads with innovative dressings, pasta, meat and fish dishes can be enjoyed in a courty…
Spanish in Tijuana

Chiki Jai

Tiled walls, a painted ceiling and a mounted traje de luces (traditional bullfighter's garb) make this atmospheric and historic restaurant stand out. The cuisine is Spanish, and includes paella, stuffed calamari and…
Italian in Tijuana


For years this cozy Italian restaurant has been serving generous portions of reasonably priced pizza and pasta. Head to the back and you’ll feel like the Godfather in the plush leather booths with dim lighting. Dail…
Buffet in Ruta del Vino & Valle de Guadalupe

Ocean City

Good all-you-can-eat Chinese food. Lot's of stuff to choose from, and a great way to get down some broccoli if you're up to your neck in beef tacos.
Mexican in Ruta del Vino & Valle de Guadalupe

Taquería Los Amigos

Join the locals for absolutely superb (and massive) flour quesadillas filled with beans, cheese, excellent guacamole and carne asada. The tacos are tasty too. Don't leave Tecate without trying this place.
Taquería in Tijuana

La Petit

Hidden in a side alley behind Caliente (a gambling house), La Petit has matrons who will pile your plate with homestyle cheap eats. Grab a plastic fork, squeeze in between the bookie and that guy who bet it all on r…
in Tijuana

La Belle Claude

Get mouthwatering pastries and creamy lattes perfect for a morning stroll or a late-night snack.