Top Choice Museum in Monterrey


Blast Furnace No 3 in the former industrial site of the Parque Fundidora has been converted into Horno3, an exceptionally impressive high-tech, hands-on museum devoted to Mexico’s steel industry. No expense has been…
Top Choice Museum in Saltillo

Museo del Desierto

Saltillo's top attraction, this no-expense-spared museum is highly enjoyable and informative (even if you don’t speak Spanish). Exhibits reveal why sea currents can create deserts and how sand dunes are formed. Chil…
Top Choice Plaza in Monterrey

Gran Plaza

A monument to Monterrey’s late-20th-century ambition, this city-block-wide series of interconnected squares, also known as the Macroplaza, was created in the 1980s by the demolition of a prime chunk of city-center r…
Top Choice Park in Monterrey

Parque Fundidora

Formerly a vast steel-factory complex, this once-blighted industrial zone has been transformed into a huge urban park. Designers cleverly retained the iconic smoke stacks and industrial relics to give a surreal and …
Top Choice River in Monterrey

Paseo Santa Lucía

The stunning promenade of Paseo Santa Lucía, which stretches 2.4km, is a world-class example of urban regeneration. This (artificial) river forms a turquoise ribbon through the heart of industrial Monterrey, offerin…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Cuatro Ciénegas

Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Cuatrociénegas

With hundreds of shimmering cerulean pozas (pools) and streams in the middle of the Desierto Chihuahuense (Chihuahuan Desert), this 843-sq-km nature reserve is a surreal sight. Fed by a network of more than 500 unde…
Gallery in Monterrey

Centro de las Artes

Three disemboweled redbrick factories compose the Centro de las Artes, filled with rotating modern-art exhibitions. Centro de las Artes I is known as Cineteca, because it also shows independent and foreign films.
Museum in Monterrey

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

Don't miss the terrific Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, its entrance marked by Juan Soriano's gigantic black dove sculpture. Inside, its idiosyncratic spaces are filled with water and light and major exhibitions (all t…
Museum in Monterrey

Museo de Historia Mexicana

This sleek modernist museum presents an extensive but easily manageable chronology of Mexican history. There’s also an Earth section, full of mounted animals and realistic-looking plants at its heart. All explanatio…
Museum in Monterrey

Museo del Noreste

Technically this is a separate institution to the Museo de Historia Mexicana, but, practically speaking, its galleries on the culture and history of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and Texas, packed with video scre…