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This pueblo mágico is an easy day trip from Mexico City, but feels far from the chaotic streets of the capital, despite the fact that urban sprawl creeps closer to Tepotzotlán’s colonial center every year

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$165 Day Trips & Excursions

Tour of Glowworm Nights from Mexico City

The pick up at your hotel is at 4:00 pm to head to Tepotzotlan, State of MexicoWe will stop in the center of Tepotzotlán where you can visit the central square and know its handicrafts, its gastronomy and the Museo Nacional del VirreinatoThen we will go towards the zone of the mountain range where we will have a talk of pre-Hispanic gastronomy of approximately one hour. Later we will make a walk towards the place where we will admire the fireflies for approximately 40 minutes.We will end this experience with a delicious dinner.The return to your hotel at CDMX is approximately at 12:00 am

$125 Day Trips & Excursions

Pulque Ranch Day Trip in Tepotzotlan

The point of departure is the National Auditorium in Mexico City at 8:00 am. You will go to Tepotzotlan, State of Mexico, considered a magical town for its gastronomy, architecture, traditions and people.You will visit a ranch located in the mountains of Tepotzotlán to learn about the production of pulque and uses that are given to the maguey. The Pulque is also known as "drink of the gods" because in ancient times it could only consume the elders and priests. If a young person consumed pulque, it was cause of death.In the ranch you'll find sheep, ostriches and deer. The tranquility that is perceived, it will surprise you. At the ranch,  mead extract is produced, it is useful for diabetic people and to sweeten tea and bread.In the afternoon, you will stop at the village center, you can not miss a photo on the facade of the Temple of San Francisco Javier, declared cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The return to Mexico City at 6:30 pm

$185 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Prehispanic Gastronomy Tour of Tepotzotlan

The transportation service will pick you up at your hotel at 9:00 am to take you to Tepotzotlán, where a local guide will welcome you to take you on a walk through the mountains to get to know the cave paintings and talk about the cultures that were established at the time Pre-Hispanic in this region and the importance of the location of Tepotzotlán as a necessary step towards Tenochtitlan. You will know the route that Cortes took to its exit of Tenochtitlan and its passage by Tepotzotlán. We will visit a nursery of ajolotes, endemic species of Mexico and characteristic of the diet of the pre-Hispanic cultures settled in the lacustrine zone of the valley of Mexico in century XV. We will have a gastronomic workshop where you will learn utensils like the metate, useful for grinding cacao and corn to make tortillas. You will also know in Molcajete with which you will prepare a rich sauce martajada An expert in herbal medicine will show you plants for medicinal and gastronomic use and we will close this experience with a meal where you will enjoy the flavors and smells of the pre-Hispanic gastronomy of Mexico. We will visit the downtown and at 5:00 pm we will return to Mexico City

$164 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour: Tepotzotlan and Aqueduct

Our tour will satrt in the monumental Aqueduct of Xalpa. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes this magnificent aqueduct was built by the Jesuits in the eighteenth century. The aqueduct has four levels of arcs and in the deepest part of the canyon it reaches 62 meters of height. The arcs have an overall length of 430 meters. You will be able to take a tour and admire from the top the beautiful views of the place. If you wish you can take some time to take a horse ride or rent a quad bike. Our tour will continue in Tepotzotlan, a magic village that transport us in time to a beautiful and distant place. It is a charming town, with cobbled streets, typical market and captivating corners for its provincial and colonial atmosphere. Enjoy a day full of culture and tranquility. We will take you to the heart of this magical town to visit the Convent of San Francisco Javier, where the National Museum of the Viceroyalty is located. This one, is the second most important museum of Mexico (after the National Museum of Anthropology). Do not miss the old cloister "los Aljibes", the Cloister of the Orange trees and its admirable kitchens and of course the Chapel of Loreto. Once leaving the museum, you will have free time to enjoy your lunch at a restaurant of your choice. Then you could enjoy a delicious nieve€ (kind of ice cream) that Is a typical dessert. In the meantime, we will take you to visit the local market to find local and regional fruits and food as well as handicrafts. We will return to your hotel around 17:30 hrs.