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Museum in Mulegé

Museo Mulegé

The former territorial prison was famed for allowing prisoners to roam free in town during the day. Now the Museo Mulegé, its eclectic collection ranges from fairly mundane prison artifacts to a section of a rocket …
Mexican in Mulegé

Doney Mely's

A colorfully decorated restaurant with a special weekend menu for two that includes a gut-busting choice of local favorites like chiles rellenos and enchiladas verdes. Breakfasts come plumply recommended as well.
International in Mulegé

Los Equipales

Just west of Zaragoza, this restaurant and bar has gargantuan meals and breezy balcony seating that’s perfect for an evening margarita with friends. Lobster salad, T-bone steak and pork ribs are a sampling of the s…
Cafe in Mulegé

Rice & Beans

Pesos go a long way at this clean little joint serving cheap breakfasts, comidas corridas (set lunches), stuffed potatoes and excellent tortas (sandwiches).
Church in Mulegé

Misión Santa Rosalía de Mulegé

Come to the hilltop Misión Santa Rosalía de Mulegé (founded in 1705, completed in 1766 and abandoned in 1828) for great photos of the site and river valley.
Beach in Mulegé

Bahía Concepción

A top stop for kayakers with milky, blue-green water, funky rock formations and pelican colonies.
Sports & Outdoors in Mulegé

La Tienda

Sells fishing and diving gear and can also advise on local diving instruction.
Beach in Mulegé

Playa Perla

This pristine stretch of sand is popular with families at weekends.
Beach in Mulegé

Playa Escondido

A pretty stretch of beach just south of Mulegé.
Beach in Mulegé

Playa Santispac