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It could very well be the 190 different mezcals from Michoacán, Jalisco and Oaxaca that keeps pulling us back to Tata, but we're more inclined to think it’s the cocina de autor (signature cuisine) of chef Fermín Amb…
Mexican in Morelia

Los Mirasoles

Morelian and Michoacán pride oozes from the kitchen at Los Mirasoles, where you'll dine in a fine Unesco-quality house bedecked (among other quirks) with a copy of Las Tarascas fountain. The food is doused in region…
Mexican in Morelia

Cenaduría Lupita

If you'd like to try a range of Morelian delicacies, head for this low-key eatery 2km southeast of the cathedral specializing in antojitos regionales (regional appetizers) like sopa tarasca (a rich bean soup with cr…
Mexican in Morelia

Fonda Marceva

Specializing in the cuisine of the Tierra Caliente (Hot Land) region of Michoacán’s southeast corner, this lovely courtyard restaurant spread over three rooms and crammed with colorful handicrafts serves a mindblowi…
Mexican in Morelia

Gaspachos La Cerrada

Gaspacho – not a cold vegetable soup in Mexico but a 'salad’ of diced mango, pineapple and jicama (Mexican 'turnip') drowned in orange and lime juice and vinegar and dashed with salt, chili sauce, onion and grated c…
Mexican in Morelia

Las Mercedes

This astonishingly decorated restaurant is spread over various rooms in an erstwhile colonial mansion. The rich decor could pass for a museum with paintings and mirrors in gilded frames, religious icons, handsome co…
Mexican in Morelia

La Cocina de Licha

One of Morelia’s best deals available can be found at this super-friendly hole-in-the-wall, which serves up cocina económica (literally ‘economic cuisine’) to a crowd of loyal locals to the strains of a tinkling pia…
Mexican in Morelia

Plaza San Agustín

Some good cheap food stalls and tables can be found under the covered arches in this square south of the cathedral.