Top Choice Mexican in Morelia

Los Mirasoles

Morelian and Michoacán pride oozes out of the kitchen at Los Mirasoles where you'll dine in a fine Unesco-quality house bedecked (among other quirks) with a copy of the Las Tarascas fountain. The food is doused in r…
Top Choice Mexican in Morelia

Restaurante Lu

This unassuming restaurant inside Hotel Casino is actually Morelia’s most inventive place to dine and one of the best restaurants in the whole region. Talented young chef Lucero Soto Arriaga turns pre-Hispanic ingre…
Top Choice Mexican in Morelia

Iglesia La Inmaculada

Every night for more than 40 years, volunteers have served up local delicacies such as corundas (triangular tamales), uchepos (fresh corn tamales), fried quesadillas and buñuelos (syrupy doughnuts) in the basement o…
Cafe in Morelia

Café Catedral

Packed from breakfast to the wee hours, this is easily the most popular sidewalk cafe beneath the arches across from the cathedral. It has great coffee, hot chocolate, tasty breakfasts (make sure to mix that smoked …
Mexican in Morelia

Fonda Las Mercedes

Astonishingly decorated restaurant spread over various rooms in a colonial mansion. The rich decor could pass for a museum with paintings and mirrors in gilded frames, crucifixes, handsome columns and stone cannonba…
Vegetarian in Morelia


Despite the Indian name and the Hindu art on the walls, this 2nd-floor vegetarian restaurant is not Indian, but serves an odd, yet tasty, international mishmash of cuisines. Massive combo lunches might include anyth…
Mexican in Morelia

Plaza San Agustín

Some good cheap food stalls and lots of tables can be found under the covered arches here.
Market in Morelia

Mercado Independencia

South of downtown, this massive market bustles with vendors hawking everything from DVDs to watermelons, and is a good place to grab fresh bread and steaming bowls of pozole.
Market in Morelia

Mercado Nicolás Bravo

Here you’ll find great food stalls on the 2nd floor. Try stall 127 for Doña Feli’s locally famous birria.
Mexican in Morelia

Fonda Marceva

Specializing in the cuisine of the tierra caliente (hot lands) region of Michoacán’s southeast, this lovely courtyard restaurant serves a mindblowing aporreadillo (breakfast stew of eggs, dried beef and chili) and s…