Bus in Mérida

Noreste Bus Terminal

Second-class Noreste bus lines use this terminal. Destinations served from here include many small towns in the northeast part of the peninsula, including Tizimín and Río Lagartos; Cuzamá and Homun; Cancún and point…
Bus in Mérida

Terminal TAME

This terminal is just around the corner from Terminal CAME. ADO, Mayab, Oriente, TRT and ATS run mostly 2nd-class buses to points in the state and around the peninsula, including Ticul (M$57), Oxkutzcab (M$60), Vall…
Bus in Mérida

Fiesta Americana Bus Terminal

A small 1st-class terminal on the west side of the Fiesta Americana hotel complex servicing guests of the luxury hotels on Avenida Colón, north of the city center. ADO buses run between here and Cancún, Playa del Ca…
Airport in Mérida

Aeropuerto Internacional de Mérida

Mérida’s airport is a 10km, 20-minute ride southwest of Plaza Grande off Hwy 180 (Avenida de los Itzáes). It has car-rental desks, ATMs, currency-exchange services and a tourist information booth.
Bus in Mérida

Parque de San Juan

From all around the square and church, colectivos (vans and minibuses) depart for Muna (M$30), Oxkutzcab (M$55), Tekax (M$75), Ticul (M$45) and other points between about 5am and 10pm.
Bus Station in Mérida

Terminal CAME

Mérida’s main bus terminal has (mostly 1st-class) buses – including ADO, ADO GL and ADO Platino – to points around the Yucatán Peninsula and faraway places such as Mexico City.
Bus in Mérida

Terminal Autoprogreso

There’s a separate terminal with buses leaving for the northern beach town of Progreso (M$20, every 10 minutes).
Airline in Mérida


Serves Mexico City, where you can catch connecting flights to New York, Miami and Houston.
Taxi in Mérida

Transporte Terrestre

Very useful service from airport. You can buy tickets at booths at the airport.
Airline in Mérida


Service to Mexico City. Beware that cheap does not always mean on time.