Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Miniaturas Folk Art

Here you’ll find lots of small Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) tableaux, tinwork and figurines of every sort, from ceramics to toy soldiers. They all have two things in common: they’re easy to pack and have nothing…
Clothing in Mérida

Guayaberas Jack

The guayabera (embroidered dress shirt) is the classic Mérida shirt, but in buying the wrong one you run the risk of looking like a waiter. Drop into this famous shop to avoid getting asked for the bill.
Clothing in Mérida

Camisería Canul

A good place for guayaberas (embroidered dress shirts) and huipiles (traditional blouses and dresses). It has been in business since 1948, offering fixed prices and custom tailoring.
Books in Mérida

Librería Dante

Shelves a selection of archaeology and regional history books in English and has good Yucatecan cookbooks, too. The bookstore has other branches throughout the city.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Mérida

Tejón Rojo

Sells trendy graphic T-shirts and an assortment of Mexican pop-culture souvenirs, including coffee mugs, jewelry, handbags, caps, and wrestling masks.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Hamacas El Aguacate

Hamacas El Aguacate stocks quality hammocks at decent prices (M$550 to M$700), and there's absolutely no hard sell. Also has mosquito nets for M$200.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Casa de las Artesanías

One place to start looking for handicrafts is this government-supported market for local artisans. Prices are fixed.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Hamacas Mérida

Has a large catalog with all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors of hammocks (and chairs), plus it ships worldwide.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Artesanías Bazar García Rejón

A wide variety of products (primarily handicrafts) concentrated in one area of shops.