Top choice italian in Mazunte

On Oaxaca’s coast you’re never far from an expat Italian chef who’s generously imported his/her culinary know-how and opened a restaurant. Few are as good as Alessandro. His tiny but brilliant place has just six tables in a corner of the Posada del Arquitecto, but it serves up wonderful homemade pasta (eg in arugula-and-avocado pesto).

Also on offer is fresh fish (maybe served in guajillo chili and tomatillo sauce), filet miñón (beef tenderloin in white wine and olive oil, with parmesan) and desserts (don't miss the mousse of Oaxacan chocolate with orange-and-rum perfume). Good drinks include Argentine wine, Oaxacan mezcal and thirst-quenching aguas de frutas (fruit cordials). Go early to avoid waiting.