Top Choice Square in Mazatlán

Plaza Machado

Sleepy during the day, this gorgeous tree-lined plaza comes alive in the evening, when market stalls pop up, couples stroll hand-in-hand and its numerous terrace restaurants are serenaded by musicians. It's a slight…
Top Choice Area in Mazatlán

Old Mazatlán

Mazatlán's restored old town is a picturesque compendium of noble 19th-century buildings and pretty plazas. It's set back from Playa Olas Altas, a small cove beach whose waterfront road strongly evokes the 1950s, wi…
Top Choice Theater in Mazatlán

Teatro Ángela Peralta

Named after a 19th-century soprano and constructed between 1869 and 1874, this 1366-seat theater just off Plaza Machado was a thriving center of local cultural life for nearly a century. Fallen into decay, it was sl…
Top Choice Beach in Mazatlán

Playa Las Gaviotas

Many of Mazatlán's hotels are on this pretty beach. Sheltered by picturesque islands, here the waters are generally calm and ideal for swimming and water sports.
Aquarium in Mazatlán

Acuario Mazatlán

One of Mexico’s largest aquariums has tanks with hundreds of species of fresh- and saltwater fish, a display of skeletons, and birds and frogs in the garden. Its sea lion shows and much-hyped shark-riding experience…
Museum in Mazatlán

Casa Machado

Worth a peek is the Casa Machado, a 19th-century house filled with antique French and Austrian furniture, Carnaval costumes, historic photos and other items. Its 2nd-floor terrace affords a panoramic view over Plaza…
Museum in Mazatlán

Museo Arqueológico

The small but absorbing Museo Arqueológico displays pre-Hispanic archaeological finds accompanied by fascinating wall texts in Spanish and English.
Museum in Mazatlán

Museo de Arte

This is a small museum in a sprawling colonial courtyard complex, which makes a convincing case for the vitality and innovation of contemporary Mexican art with changing exhibitions of digital works, sculptures, pri…
Cathedral in Mazatlán


At the center of the old town is this striking 19th-century cathedral, with high yellow twin towers. The dramatic interior has gilt ceiling roses supporting chandeliers and blocks of stone in alternating colors. It'…
Distillery in Mazatlán


This tiny distillery brews up delicious liquors from mango, agave and coffee, among other things. It's in the heart of the Zona Dorada, and you can just drop in for a friendly short explanation and free tasting.