Top Choice Park in Loreto

Parque Marine Nacional Bahía de Loreto

This park makes Loreto a world-class destination for all types of outdoor activities; a number of outfitters offer everything from kayaking and diving along the reefs around Islas del Carmen and Coronado to horsebac…
Museum in Loreto

Museo de las Misiones

The modest Museo de las Misiones chronicles the settlement of Baja California.
Park in Loreto

Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto

Pay the M$50 per person entrance fee to the park in the marina. Staff can advise on water activities, and the pelican colony is amazing.
Mission in Loreto

Misión Nuestra Señora de Loreto

Dating from 1697, this was the first permanent mission in the Californias and was the base for the expansion of Jesuit missions up and down the Baja peninsula. Alongside the church, the Museo de las Misiones chroni…