Top Choice Vegan in Laguna Bacalar

Mango y Chile

Bacalar's first and only all-vegan dining option, Mango y Chile has a beautiful large deck overlooking the fort and the lagoon, and friendly service. Vegans will rejoice that there's a spot here to dine at worry-fre…
Top Choice Seafood in Laguna Bacalar

La Playita

A sign outside reads, 'Eat, drink and swim' – and that pretty much sums it up. Fish and seafood dishes are tasty, albeit on the smallish side, but the Alipús mezcal and fine swimming certainly make up for that. An e…
Tacos in Laguna Bacalar

Christian's Tacos

If Christian's were in Mexico City – the al pastor (spit-roasted marinated pork) capital – it would compete with the best of them. The gooey pastor nachos, topped with slices of pork, beans and cheese, are perhaps t…
Mexican in Laguna Bacalar

Los Aluxes

An open-air palapa restaurant serving Yucatecan and fusion dishes, this waterfront restaurant prepares interesting creations such as a rum-flambéed filete de pescado en salsa de achiote (fish filet in annatto sauce)…
Tapas in Laguna Bacalar

Savora Bakhalal

With its 'smoking bench' and 'flirting bench', this al fresco spot on the plaza charms, offering tapas-style food, plus pizzas, pastas, tacos, and excellent desserts.
Mexican in Laguna Bacalar

Tacos de Cochinita Chepe's

There's no sign outside this mornings-only taco joint, so just follow your nose to the sweet smell of cochinita (slow-cooked pork). It's a few buildings north of the Oxxo on Hwy 307, past another taquería – don't co…
Mexican in Laguna Bacalar


Highly recommended by locals and expats alike, this streetside palapa place prepares breakfast and a set menu of home-style Mexican favorites such as poc-chuc (grilled pork) in a casual setting.