Laguans de Colores

From the park ticket booth, the northward road leads to the Lagunas de Colores, five lakes with vivid hues that range from turquoise to deep green: Laguna Agua Tinta, Laguna Esmeralda, Laguna Encantada, Laguna Ensueño and, the biggest, Laguna Bosque Azul, on the left where the paved road ends.

Laguna de Montebello & Cinco Lagunas

Along the eastward road from the park ticket booth, after 3km a track leads 200m north to the Laguna de Montebello, one of the area’s larger lakes, with a flat open area along its shore. The local ejido charges a M$25 entrance fee to access the lake areas along the Tziscao road; pay once and keep your receipt for the other lakes. About 3km further along the Tziscao road, another track leads left to the Cinco Lagunas (Five Lakes). Only four are visible from the road, but the second, La Cañada, on the right after about 1.5km, is one of the most beautiful Montebello lakes, nearly cut in half by two rocky outcrops.

Laguna Pojoj & Laguna Tziscao

Near to Tziscao, a track leads 1km north to cobalt-blue Laguna Pojoj, which has an island in the middle that you can visit on simple rafts. Laguna Tziscao, on the Guatemalan border, comes into view 1km past the Pojoj junction. The turnoff to the Chuj-speaking village of Tziscao, a pretty and spread-out place stretching down to the lakeside, is a little further on.