Isla Janitzio

Isla Janitzio is a popular weekend and holiday destination. It’s heavily devoted to tourism, with lots of low-end souvenir stalls, fish restaurants and drunk college kids on holiday. But it is car-free and threaded with stepped footpaths (275 at last count) that eventually wend their way to the top of the island, where you’ll find a 40m-high statue of independence leader José María Morelos, erected in 1934. You can climb up inside the Morelos Monument where an ascending 56 panels painted by Ramón Alva de la Canal (between 1936 and 1940) tell Morelos' story. The last part ingeniously climbs the statue's raised arm to a lookout with panoramic lake views in the see-through wrist.

A new 1200m-long zip-line links Isla Janitzio with Isla Tecuéna and costs M$250 one way. A boat will return you to Janitzio.

Round-trip boat trips to Janitzio depart from the Muelle General on the lake's southeastern edge and cost M$60 (free for children under seven years old) and take 25 minutes each way; they leave when full (about every 30 minutes; more often on Saturday and Sunday). The last one back is around 8pm.