Top things to do

in Ixtapa

Señor Frog’s

The Frog serves up zany antics along with familiar Mexican dishes, burgers and iguana.
International in Ixtapa


Opposite the Park Royal hotel, this open-fronted restaurant has an extensive international menu, but is especially recommended for its delicious seafood and tender fish bathed in delicious sauces. It's also a fine s…
Bar in Ixtapa

Kopado’s Music Bar

With good drink specials and occasional live music, this local favorite occupies a palapa-covered perch in Ixtapa’s main shopping center.
Club in Ixtapa


Christine has the sizzling sound-and-light systems you’d expect from one of the most popular discos in town. Admission varies but is hefty (think US$20) in peak season.
in Ixtapa

El Alebrije

A fog machine, banks of computerized lights, pop, rock, house, salsa and merengue, plus an open bar: what more do you want?
Cafeteria in Ixtapa

Cafeteria Nueva Zelanda

Step back in time at this long-standing institution opposite the downtown hotel strip, where you can order a banana split or chocolate milkshake with your shrimp taco and chicken fajitas. It’s also good for breakfas…
Wildlife Reserve in Ixtapa


Playa Linda has a small cocodrilario (crocodile reserve) that is also home to fat iguanas and several bird species. You can watch the hulking crocs from the safety of the well-fenced, wooden viewing platform located…
Seafood in Ixtapa


One of a clutch of restaurant-bars in an accessible slice of beach between the two hotel zones (follow dolphinarium signs). This is the nicest with lower-volume music midday, zesty micheladas, and all the cocktails,…
Mexican in Ixtapa

Captain Meuro

One of the most laid-back and reliably good restaurants in Ixtapa, this spot opposite the Barceló resort offers smoothies, arrachera platters, burgers, chiles rellenos, tacos, fajitas, tasty octopus and shrimp dishe…
Island in Ixtapa

Isla Ixtapa

Ixtapa's finest attraction is a beautiful oasis. The turquoise waters are crystal-clear, calm and great for snorkeling (gear rentals cost M$120 per day). Playa Corales on the back side of the island is the nicest an…