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Top Choice Mexican in Isla Cozumel


Putting a gourmet twist on Mexican classics, this chic bistro is one of the best restaurants on the island. The shrimp-and-scallop enchiladas dish is a tried-and-true favorite, and for dessert treat yourself to a bu…
Mexican in Isla Cozumel

Los Dorados de Villa

Near the edge of the plaza, this place has a wide variety of Mexican dishes, including Yucatecan snacks, various seafood items and the signature enchilada dishes. There's a vegetarian menu as well.
Steak in Isla Cozumel

Pepe's Grill

This is traditionally considered Cozumel's finest restaurant and the prices reflect its reputation. It's mostly Angus steaks, pastas, fresh fish and charbroiled lobster (available at market prices).
Castle in Isla Cozumel

El Castillo Real

Down the same intimidating road that leads to Punta Molas, are the large Mayan ruins known as El Castillo Real (The Royal Castle). The archaeological site, as well as the Aguada Grande ruins a few kilometers' hike a…
Archaeological Site in Isla Cozumel

El Cedral

This Maya ruin, a fertility temple, is the oldest on the island. It’s the size of a small house and has no ornamentation. El Cedral is thought to have been an important ceremonial site; the small church standing nex…
Museum in Isla Cozumel

Museo de la Isla de Cozumel

The Museo de la Isla de Cozumel presents a clear and detailed picture of the island’s flora, fauna, geography, geology and ancient Maya history. Thoughtful and detailed signs in English and Spanish accompany the exh…
Nature Reserve in Isla Cozumel

Parque Punta Sur

For the price of admission to this ecotouristic park, you can visit a lighthouse, a small nautical museum and a Maya ruin. About 10 minutes away by car is an observation tower where you can see migratory birds and p…
Mexican in Isla Cozumel

Costa Brava

Painted in bright, preschool primary colors, this casual place, with its lovely Virgencita shrine, has good prices on lobster dishes, chicken and shrimp.
Mexican in Isla Cozumel


The views of the water are great from the outdoor patio here. Jeanie’s serves waffles, plus hash-brown potatoes, eggs, sandwiches and other tidbits like vegetarian fajitas. Frozen coffees beat the midday heat.
Mediterranean in Isla Cozumel

La Cocay

The intimate atmosphere makes this smart restaurant a very enjoyable night out. Sit at the bar sipping a good single malt or find a quiet table in the back garden to chat with someone special. The menu changes seaso…