Castle in Isla Cozumel

El Castillo Real

Down the same intimidating road that leads to Punta Molas, are the large Mayan ruins known as El Castillo Real (The Royal Castle). The archaeological site, as well as the Aguada Grande ruins a few kilometers' hike a…
Archaeological Site in Isla Cozumel

El Cedral

This Maya ruin, a fertility temple, is the oldest on the island. It’s the size of a small house and has no ornamentation. El Cedral is thought to have been an important ceremonial site; the small church standing nex…
Museum in Isla Cozumel

Museo de la Isla de Cozumel

The Museo de la Isla de Cozumel presents a clear and detailed picture of the island’s flora, fauna, geography, geology and ancient Maya history. Thoughtful and detailed signs in English and Spanish accompany the exh…
Nature Reserve in Isla Cozumel

Parque Punta Sur

For the price of admission to this ecotouristic park, you can visit a lighthouse, a small nautical museum and a Maya ruin. About 10 minutes away by car is an observation tower where you can see migratory birds and p…
Archaeological Site in Isla Cozumel

San Gervasio Ruins

This overpriced Maya complex is Cozumel’s only preserved ruin. San Gervasio is thought to have been the location of the sanctuary of Ixchel, goddess of fertility, and thus an important pilgrimage site at which Maya …
Viewpoint in Isla Cozumel

Freedom in Paradise

Someone here, and at sister bar Rasta's across the highway, really digs reggae. Long live Bob!
Viewpoint in Isla Cozumel

Coconuts Bar & Grill

It's over-the-top touristy, but what would you expect from a cliffside bar serving tropical drinks with Jimmy Buffett tunes in the background?
Beach in Isla Cozumel

Playa Palancar

About 17km south of town, Palancar is a great beach to visit during the week when the crowds thin out. It has a beach club renting snorkel gear and there's a restaurant. Near the beach, Arrecife Palancar (Palancar R…
Ruins in Isla Cozumel

Punta Molas

Head to the far northeast of the island and you'll find yourself at the deserted lighthouse of Punta Molas. But take a 4WD, as this point isn't the easiest to reach. You'll want to fill up that gas tank and be prepa…