Airport in Morelia

General Francisco Mujica International Airport

The airport is 27km northeast of Morelia, on the Morelia–Zinapécuaro Hwy. There are no public buses. Plenty of flights are available to cities in Mexico and limited flights serving destinations elsewhere in North Am…
Bus in Pátzcuaro

Buses to Lago de Pátzcuaro

Buses to the Lago de Pátzcuaro boat pier (marked ‘Lago’; M$8, five minutes) leave from the eastern side of the square and run from about 6am to 10pm daily.
Bus Station in Pátzcuaro

Bus Terminal

Pátzcuaro’s bus terminal is a walkable 1.5km southwest of the city center. It has a cafeteria and left-luggage facilities.
Bus in Pátzcuaro

Buses to Bus Terminal

Local buses headed for the bus terminal (marked ‘Central’) depart from the northeast corner of Plaza Chica.
Airline in Morelia


Book online or at the airport desk. Domestic flights include those to Mexico City.
Airline in Morelia


At the airport. Flies to Mexico City and Tijuana.
Bus Station in Paracho

Bus Terminal

Bus Station in Morelia

Morelia Bus Station