Top things to do

Zoo in Hermosillo

Centro Ecológico de Sonora

This lush botanical garden and zoo features an excellent array of plants and wildlife from Sonora’s mountains, deserts and prairies, including the endangered, antelope-like Sonoran pronghorn (berrendo): North Americ…
in Hermosillo

Palacio de Gobierno

The Palacio de Gobierno, completed in 1906, features an airy, neo-Moorish courtyard with colorful, dramatic murals depicting the history of Sonora.
Vegetarian in Hermosillo

Verde Olivo

Good downtown option with delicious grain veggie burgers and PETA-friendly versions of Mexican classics.
in Hermosillo

Asadero Don Chuy

More-ish carne asada tacos are served under a wooden roof supported by wooden posts adorned with a few sets of antlers. A mere eight condiment bowls are set on your table and you can pop a couple of norteña (country…
Museum in Hermosillo


This landmark museum, 1.5km south of the center, has edgy displays (there were superb poster art, Sonoran desert and contemporary Mexican art exhibitions when we dropped by), cultural events and films.
Fusion in Hermosillo

Restaurante Mochomos

In the Zona Hotelera, intimate Mochomos serves Sonoran fusion cuisine. Try a brocheta abierta (beef kebab with chargrilled vegetables) or some seafood.
Market in Hermosillo

Mercado Municipal

Occupying an entire city block, Hermosillo's historic, bustling covered market hosts dozens of excellent taco stands, and a few cafes and stores selling the chiltepin ('bird's eye' mini-chilis from the Sonoran deser…
Plaza in Hermosillo

Plaza Zaragoza

The central orange-tree-shaded main plaza is fronted by the Catedral de la Asunción (constructed 1877–1908) and the Palacio de Gobierno, which has murals depicting Sonoran history.