Top things to do in Hecelchakán

Museum in Hecelchakán

Museo Arqueológico del Camino Real

This tiny museum, on the north corner of the plaza, doesn't get much traffic. But it should. It contains a small but compelling collection of ceramic art excavated from Isla de Jaina, a tiny island due west of Hecel…
Mexican in Hecelchakán

Chujuc Haa

It's nothing special to look at, but this popular restaurant serves regional cuisine such as poc-chuc, the local pork steak (M$52) that comes with rice, beans and salad. A half order is plenty. Located four doors le…
Church in Hecelchakán

Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis

Dating from the 16th century, the Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis (on the main plaza) is a former Franciscan monastery with wood-beam ceiling and striking altar; note the flaming hearts flanking a crucifix. It's of…