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Top Choice Art in Guanajuato

Festival Internacional Cervantino

Beginning in the 1950s as merely entremeses (interludes) from Miguel Cervantes' work performed by students, the Festival Internacional Cervantino has grown to become one of Latin America's foremost arts extravaganza…
Top Choice Mexican in Guanajuato

Las Mercedes

In a residential area overlooking the city is Guanajuato's best restaurant, where Mexican cuisine como la abuela – grandmother's cooking that takes hours to prepare – is served. Dishes include moles hand-ground in a…
Top Choice Mexican in Guanajuato

El Jardín de los Milagros

This superb place is hidden away from the busy road outside by thick walls that encircle an ancient hacienda and well-tended garden. It's a stunning setting, whether you eat outside or in one of the charming haciend…
Top Choice Museum in Guanajuato

Museo y Casa de Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera's birthplace is now an excellent museum honoring the famous artist, who was persona non grata here for years. It's worth spending an hour here – longer if you're a Rivera fan. Rivera and his twin brothe…
Top Choice Church in Guanajuato

Templo La Valenciana

On a hill overlooking Guanajuato, 5km north of the center, is the magnificent Templo La Valenciana. Its facade is spectacular and its interior dazzles with ornate golden altars, filigree carvings and giant paintings…
Top Choice Theater in Guanajuato

Teatro Juárez

Don’t leave Guanajuato without visiting the magnificent Teatro Juárez. It was built between 1873 and 1903 and inaugurated by the dictator Porfirio Díaz, whose lavish tastes are reflected in the plush red-and-gold in…
Top Choice Church in Guanajuato

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato

The attractive and arresting Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato contains a jewel-covered image of the Virgin, patron of Guanajuato. The wooden statue was supposedly hidden from the Moors in a cave in Spain for…
Top Choice Tapas in Guanajuato

Los Campos

A Canadian-Mexican husband-and-wife team runs this small cozy, candlelit restaurant. The innovative menu, which runs from tapas plates to full dishes such as stuffed ancho chili on a bed of pearl barley with huitlac…
Top Choice Japanese in Guanajuato

Delica Mitsu

This tiny Japanese-run deli may not look like much (and is all but hidden in a side street off a pretty plaza), but it serves up some of the biggest, freshest and best Japanese flavors around.
Top Choice French in Guanajuato

La Vie en Rose

At this old-town institution you'll find some of the most genuine, mouthwatering, flavorsome French pastries and desserts around. All made by a French pastry chef.