Top Choice International in San Miguel de Allende


This courtyard restaurant inside a boutique hotel is perhaps the best spot in town for fine dining. The chef here has been given the freedom to do whatever he wants and a regularly changing menu featuring the likes …
Top Choice Peruvian in San Miguel de Allende

La Parada

This hot spot showcases Peruvian cuisine at its best. Dish presentation is as exquisite as the names ('El Quiquiriquí', aka chicken breast and 'Chino Cochino' pork, but much fancier). The ubiquitous (and delicious) …
Top Choice Mexican in Guanajuato

Las Mercedes

In a residential area overlooking the city is Guanajuato's best restaurant, where Mexican cuisine como la abuela – grandmother's cooking that takes hours to prepare – is served. Dishes include moles hand-ground in a…
Top Choice Mexican in Guanajuato

El Jardín de los Milagros

This superb place is hidden away from the busy road outside by thick walls that encircle an ancient hacienda and well-tended garden. It's a stunning setting, whether you eat outside or in one of the charming haciend…
Top Choice Mexican in San Miguel de Allende

Vía Orgánica

This fabulous and pioneering spot has won the hearts of well-to-do San Miguelense expats thanks to its wonderful menu of Mexican food with an international twist (try a sage-seasoned turkey burger or the vegetarian …
Top Choice Mexican in San Miguel de Allende


This gorgeous place with friendly English-speaking staff serves up some of San Miguel's best contemporary Mexican cuisine. Try its sublime pork-belly tacos, cactus salad with charred avocado or octopus tortilla with…
Top Choice Cafe in San Miguel de Allende


A guitarist strums away during superpopular breakfasts – get there at opening time or be prepared to queue – at this lovely place where killer coffee, superb egg dishes and delicious cazuelas are served. The charmin…
Top Choice Tapas in Guanajuato

Los Campos

A Canadian-Mexican husband and wife team runs this small cozy, candlelit restaurant. The innovative menu, which runs from tapas plates to full dishes such as stuffed ancho chili on a bed of pearl barley with huitlac…
Top Choice Mexican in Mineral de Pozos

La Cantina Mina

This wonderful patio restaurant around a small fountain inside the Posada de las Minas is the best place for a leisurely meal in Mineral de Pozos. The menu is sophisticated and delicious and includes dishes such as …
Top Choice Japanese in Guanajuato

Delica Mitsu

This tiny Japanese-run deli may not look like much (and is all but hidden in a side street off a pretty plaza), but it serves up some of the biggest, freshest and best Japanese flavors around.