Top Choice Mexican Wrestling in Guadalajara

Arena Coliseo

Watching masked luchadores (wrestlers) with names like El Terrible and Blue Panther gut-punching each other makes for a memorable night out. Expect scantily clad women, insult-hurling crowds and screaming doughnut v…
Mariachis in Guadalajara

Casa Bariachi

This bright barnlike restaurant-bar has romantic lighting and leather chairs, along with piñatas and colorful papel picado (cutout paper) hanging from the ceiling. This place may fail the hipster test, but the marga…
Live Music in Guadalajara

El Parián

A garden complex in Tlaquepaque made up of dozens of small cantinas that all share one plaza occupied by droves of Mariachi. On the weekends the bands battle and jockey for your ears, applause and cash.
Spectator Sport in Guadalajara

Estadio Omnilife

You’ll have to trek out to Zapopan if you want to see the beloved ‘Chivas’ (ie Guadalajara fútbol team) juggle footballs and – hopefully – make their opponent’s goal net ripple. The deluxe 49,850-capacity Estadio Om…
Theater in Guadalajara

Teatro Diana

The hippest venue to host a range of drama, dance and music performances is Teatro Diana. It stages traveling Broadway shows, concerts with local and international artists and art installations.
Theater in Guadalajara

Ex-Convento del Carmen

The Ex-Convento del Carmen is a downtown cultural center that hosts a range of drama, dance and music performances.