Top Choice Live Music in Playa del Carmen


This beachside bar and grill stages live music, such as belly dancing or even fire-dancing shows. The schedule varies, but it's always later in the evening (around 11pm) and always fun. Earlier, it's just a pretty s…
Top Choice Performing Arts in Cuetzalan

Los Voladores

In the danza de los voladores (dance of the ‘flyers’), airborne performers whirl around a 30m pole, suspended by their ankles while playing flutes. On weekends voladores twirl outside the church at the zócalo, sever…
Top Choice Live Music in Puebla

Celia's Cafe

Live music adds old-world romance to the poblano decor at this sprawling bar-restaurant. Dine to musicians playing trova (troubadour-type folk music; 8pm to 10pm Thursday), piano (8pm to 10pm Friday and breakfast an…
Top Choice Mexican Wrestling in Guadalajara

Arena Coliseo

Watching masked luchadores (wrestlers) with names like El Terrible and Blue Panther gut-punching each other makes for a memorable night out. Expect scantily clad women, insult-hurling crowds and screaming doughnut v…
Top Choice Mariachis in Mexico City

Salón Tenampa

Graced with murals of the giants of Mexican song and enlivened by its own songsters – and an extensive tequila and mezcal menu – the Tenampa is a festive cantina on the north side of Plaza Garibaldi. If serenading a…
Top Choice Jazz in Puerto Vallarta

El Patio de Mi Casa

Escape from the raucous nightclubs and take in a refreshingly calm jazz and blues scene at this open-air patio decked out with vintage furnishings. The bar pours raicilla (a mezcal-like agave drink) and you can orde…
Top Choice Live Music in Zihuatanejo


Hipster central Loot does a little bit of everything, including brunch in its downstairs cafe, art exhibits upstairs, and dinner and drinks on its open-air rooftop bar at night. It also happens to host some of the b…
Top Choice Dance in Mexico City

Patrick Miller

People-watching doesn’t get any better than at this throbbing disco, founded by Mexico City DJ Patrick Miller. With a clientele ranging from black-clad '80s throwbacks to cross-dressers, the Friday fun begins when d…
Top Choice Live Music in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Cafe Bar Revolución

There’s always something fun at Revolución, with two live bands nightly (at 9pm and 11pm) and an eclectic line up of salsa, rock, blues, jazz and reggae. Dance downstairs or order a mojito or caipirinha and chat in …
Top Choice Live Music in Mexico City

Centro Cultural de España

Cool young things pack the terrace of this place each weekend for its excellent DJ and live-music sessions. Located directly behind the cathedral, the rebuilt colonial-era structure is usually quaking by midnight.