Top things to do

Landmark in El Tule

El Árbol del Tule

Visitors flock to the village of El Tule to behold El Árbol del Tule, which is, by some counts, the fattest tree in the world. California's General Sherman sequoia is ahead in total volume, but at 14m in diameter, E…
Oaxacan in El Tule

Casa Embajador

A new parador turistico favored by passing tour groups, the Embajador is also a distillery making its own mezcal. Order lunch and you’ll usually get a complimentary glass. The meat-heavy and shareable Botana Oaxaque…
Oaxacan in El Tule

El Milenario

This popular, family-run and professional restaurant one block south of the Árbol del Tule (past the Mercado de Artesanías) is a good place to stop, serving up classic Oaxacan dishes such as moles with chicken, chil…