Top things to do in El Soconusco

Archaeological Site in Tonalá

Iglesia Vieja

Believed to be the regional capital of the Zoque during the Classic period, these ruins were inhabited between AD 250 and AD 400. The site's most prominent characteristics are its use of megalithic granite architect…
Animal Sanctuary in Puerto Arista

Centro de Protección & Conservación de la Tortuga Marina en Chiapas

During the nesting season, the state government collects thousands of newly laid olive ridley turtle eggs from 40km of beach, incubating them in protected beachside nests and releasing the hatchlings when they emerg…
Mexican in Tonalá

Restaurant Nora

There's always a fun family atmosphere at the Restaurant Nora, one block east from the plaza (behind the Hotel Galilea). The prawns are something of a house specialty, but then they have had plenty of time to get th…