Taxes & Refunds

Mexico’s impuesto al valor agregado (IVA; value-added tax) is 16%, included by law in the price of goods and services.

Hotel rooms are also subject to the impuesto sobre hospedaje (ISH; lodging tax) of 2% or 3%, depending on which Mexican state they’re in.

In 2017, the Mexican government introduced a tourism tax of M$20 per room, per night, applied to those who stay in resorts in Cancún and along the Riviera Maya.

Over 6000 stores in Mexico participate in the tax reimbursement program (look for the Moneyback logo) that allows visitors to claim back 8.9% of the purchase price, provided they spend at least M$1200 per total purchase and are leaving by air or by sea. Request a VAT itemised invoice at the time of purchase and take it to a Moneyback office or kiosk at the airport or cruiseship terminal to claim back tax.