Top Choice Archaeological Site in Cholula

Zona Arqueológica

Located two blocks to the southeast of Cholula’s central plaza, the Pirámide Tepanapa looks more like a hill than a pyramid and has a domed church on top so it’s tough to miss. The town’s big drawcard is no letdown,…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Cholula

Pirámide Tepanapa

The incredible Pirámide Tepanapa looks more like a hill than a pyramid, but it's still the town's big draw, and with miles of tunnels veining the inside of the structure, it's no letdown. The Zona Arqueológica compr…
Top Choice Museum in Puebla

Museo Amparo

This superb private museum, housed in two linked 16th- and 17th-century colonial buildings, is loaded with pre-Hispanic artifacts, yet the interior design is contemporary and stylish. Displayed with explanatory info…
Top Choice Cathedral in Puebla

Catedral de Puebla

Puebla’s impressive cathedral, which appears on Mexico’s M$500 bill, occupies the entire block south of the zócalo. Its architecture is a blend of severe Herreresque-Renaissance and early baroque styles. Constructio…
Top Choice Palace in Tlaxcala

Palacio de Gobierno

Inside the Palacio de Gobierno there are color-rich murals of Tlaxcala's history by Desiderio Hernández Xochitiotzin. His style is vividly realistic and detailed and reminiscent of modern graphic novels. The 500 sq …
Top Choice Museum in Tlaxcala

Museo de Arte de Tlaxcala

This fantastic small contemporary-art museum houses an excellent cache of early Frida Kahlo paintings that were returned to the museum after several years on loan to other museums around the world. Both the museum’s…
Top Choice Church in Tlaxcala

Santuario de la Virgen de Ocotlán

One of Mexico’s most spectacular churches is an important pilgrimage site for those who believe the Virgin appeared here in 1541 – her image stands on the main altar in memory of the apparition. The classic Churrigu…
Top Choice Church in Cholula

Santuario de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

The Pirámide Tepanapa is topped by the brightly decorated Santuario de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. It's a classic symbol of conquest, but possibly an inadvertent one, as the church may have been built before the…
Top Choice Church in Cholula

Capilla Real de Naturales

The Arabic-style Capilla Real has 49 domes and dates from 1540. The mosque-inspired design makes the church unique to Mexico and creates a beautiful interior pattern of dome arches. It forms part of the Ex-Convento …
Top Choice Museum in Huamantla

Museo Nacional del Títere

The national puppet museum displays dolls and marionettes from all around the world in a fantastic renovated building on the zócalo. It’s a fun stop for the young and young at heart.