Museum in Cuautla

Museo de la Lucha para la Tierra

In Anenecuilco, 6km south of Cuautla, what’s left of the adobe cottage where Zapata was born (on August 8, 1879) is now the Museo de la Lucha para la Tierra. There is an impressive mural here of Zapata.
Museum in Cuautla

Cuartel General de Zapata

Tlaltizapán is the site of the excellent Cuartel General de Zapata, the main barracks of the revolutionary forces. Here, see Zapata’s rifle (the trigger retains his fingerprints), the bed where he slept and the outf…
Museum in Cuautla

Museo Histórico del Oriente

The former residence of José María Morelos houses the Museo Histórico del Oriente. Each room here covers a different historical period with displays of pre-Hispanic pottery, good maps and early photos of Cuautla and…
Museum in Cuautla

Ex-Hacienda de San Juan Chinameca

In 1919 Zapata was lured into a fatal trap here by Colonel Jesús Guajardo, following the orders of President Venustiano Carranza, who was eager to consolidate the post-revolutionary government. The hacienda has a sm…
in Cuautla

Casa de Cultura

Historic Building in Cuautla

Ex-Convento de San Diego

In 1911 presidential candidate Francisco Madero embraced Emiliano Zapata at Cuautla’s old train station in the Ex-Convento de San Diego. Steam enthusiasts will want to come on Saturday, when Mexico’s only steam-powe…