Top Choice Nature Reserve in Cuatro Ciénegas

Área de Protección de Flora y Fauna Cuatrociénegas

With hundreds of shimmering cerulean pozas (pools) and streams in the middle of the Desierto Chihuahuense (Chihuahuan Desert), this 843-sq-km nature reserve is a surreal sight. Fed by a network of more than 500 unde…
Nature Reserve in Cuatro Ciénegas

Poza Azul Visitors Center

This center has illustrated displays about the Cuatrociénegas nature reserve’s ecology in Spanish and English. The little Poza Las Tortugas, a good turtle-spotting pool, is right behind here, while 1.5km further bac…
in Cuatro Ciénegas

Acuario y Herpetario Minckley

A block east of the Plaza de las Culturas is the interesting little Acuario y Herpetario Minckley, where many of the rare snakes, lizards, toads, turtles, fish, spiders and scorpions endemic to the reserve can be vi…
Desert in Cuatro Ciénegas

Dunas de Yeso

These blinding-white gypsum sand dunes contrast superbly with the six mountain ranges that ring the valley. To visit you’ll need your own transport and to stop by the Poza Azul Visitors Center to pay and get the key…
Museum in Cuatro Ciénegas

Casa de Cultura

Located in the former home of Venustiano Carranza, a revolutionary leader involved in the overthrow of Porfirio Díaz, this museum has a small but interesting display of ancient objects unearthed in the area.