Tourist Information in Batopilas

Tourist Information Center

This small tourist information center in the town museum – a table with brochures and maps, more than anything – is a good place to start your visit. Rafael Ruelas, the director of the museum doubles as the director…
Tourist Information in Chihuahua

State Tourist Office

Hit-or-miss staffers can hook you up with guides for city tours and more; ask about the e-guide for murals located in the main foyer. There are more helpful tourist info kiosks just outside and at the bus station.
Tourist Information in Puerto Peñasco

Convention & Visitors Bureau

This helpful tourist office, located on the 2nd floor of Plaza Pelícanos, has English-speaking staff and can assist with booking accommodations and tours. The excellent website has lots of useful information about t…
Tourist Information in Monterrey

Tourist Information Kiosk

At the central bus station, this tourist information kiosk is jam packed with brochures. Occasionally, you'll find a staffer too. Look for it on the west side of the building, near the doors leading to the bus termi…
Tourist Information in Durango

Municipal Tourist Information Kiosk

This tiny tourist information booth hands out brochures and maps; service is hit or miss. The website, however, is a reliable source of information. Look for the kiosk inside the central bandstand in Plaza de Armas.
Tourist Information in Monterrey

Tourist Information Booth

Located in Parque Fundidora, this tourist information booth is staffed by friendly folks who happily hand out maps and basic sightseeing advice. Look for it near the canal, at the end of Paseo Santa Lucia.
Tourist Information in Parras

Parras Tourist Office

Helpful staff at the main tourist office give out free town maps. Some English is spoken. There's a small information kiosk on the Plaza del Reloj as well.
Tourist Information in Álamos

State Tourism Office

A helpful information office with bilingual staff, providing loads of information about Álamos and things to do around the state. Located near the entrance to town, on the main road.
Tourist Information in Durango

Durango State Tourist Office

Friendly and enthusiastic English-speaking staff offer good advice and lots of brochures. There's an information kiosk at the bus station too.
Tourist Information in Durango

Tourist Information Kiosk

This information kiosk is staffed by knowledgeable folks offering suggestions and advice about everything Durango. Look for it near the entrance of the bus terminal.