Bus Station in Comitán

Línea Comitán Lagos de Montebello

Runs vans to the Lagos de Montebello and along the Carretera Fronteriza, with departures to Laguna Bosque Azul (M$45, one hour) and Tziscao (M$50, 1¼ hours) every 20 minutes from 3am to 5pm; to Reforma Agraria (M$16…
Bus Station in Comitán

Transportes Tzoyol

Runs vans to Reforma Agraria (M$145) eight times daily, 2:30am to 3pm, as well as to Plan de Río Azul (M$100, 3½ hours), the connection for boats to Laguna Miramar, four times a day between 4:30am and 2pm. It doesn’…
Bus Station in Comitán

Transporte Ejidal Tenam Puente

Transporte Ejidal Tenam Puente runs combis every 45 minutes, 7am to 6pm, to the Tenam Puente archaeological site (M$25) or to the village of Francisco Sarabia, 2km before Tenam Puente. The last combi from the ruins …
Bus in Comitán

Transportes Las Margaritas

For those heading to Laguna Miramar, Transportes Las Margaritas services Las Margaritas (M$20, 25 minutes).
Bus Station in Comitán

Autotransportes Cuxtepeques

Autotransportes Cuxtepeques runs hourly vans and buses to the El Chiflón waterfall turnoff on Hwy 226 (M$35, 45 minutes) from 4am to 8pm.
Bus Station in Comitán

OCC Bus Terminal

Comitán’s OCC bus terminal is on the Pan-American Hwy.