Top things to do

Museum in Comala

Ex Hacienda Nogueras

Comala’s obligatory sight is this former home of Mexican artist Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo (1923–2000), which now contains a museum dedicated to the man’s life and art. Here you’ll see his extensive pre-Hispanic ceram…
Mexican in Comala

Tacos Doña Mary

Take it from local Comalans: this simple stall with a few outside seats has the best tacos in the region. But don't start World War III by debating which of the half-dozen or so on offer is the best. (If you must kn…
Swiss in Comala

Piccolo Suizo

Comala's priciest eatery is a strange hybrid – a Swiss-owned restaurant with dishes from the land of the cuckoo clock and a Sunday speciality of paella. The goulash soup, bratwurst with onion sauce and the fondue ca…
Mexican in Comala

Don Comalón

One of many restaurants lining Comala's main plaza that serves a botana (free snack) with every drink you order. If you haven't got time to make your choice, opt for this place and pray the staff bring you a crispy …
Food in Comala

La Macadamia

Some people come to this shop on the main square to buy macadamia nuts and assorted products made from same. We, however, come for one of its naturally flavored popsicles/ice lollies – especially the avocado one.
Gallery in Comala

Centro Estatal de los Artes

The latest addition to Comala's cultural life is the spanking new 'State Center of the Arts' gallery in an eye-catching building south of the main plaza just over the Río Suchitlán. It has temporary exhibits of mode…
Pizza in Comala

El Horno Mágico

If you're hankering after a break from Mexican comestibles in this magic town, the 'Magic Oven' can accommodate with a dozen different pizzas and pasta dishes such as lasagne. They serve Brew Brothers cerveza artesa…
Mexican in Comala

Luz de Luna

This very pretty little restaurant just west of the main square has great cocktails but serves fairly ordinary, relatively pricey enchiladas, tacos and so on. Come here really just to enjoy the atmosphere, the garde…
Landmark in Comala

Templo de San Miguel Arcángel

Comala's parish church is at the northeast corner of the Plaza Principal.