Mexican in Cobá

Restaurant La Pirámide

At the end of the town's main drag, by the lake, this restaurant is pretty touristy but does decent Yucatecan fare like cochinita and pollo pibil (achiote-flavored chicken or pork). The open-air setup allows for nic…
Mexican in Cobá

Restaurant Ki-Jamal

Owned by the local Maya community, Ki-Jamal (which means 'tasty food' in Maya) does indeed do some tasty traditional dishes and there's a daily lunch buffet as well. It's a pleasant spot for a meal when there are no…
Mexican in Cobá

Chile Picante

Located at Hotel Sac-Be, Chile Picante does everything from vegetarian omelets with chaya (Mexican tree spinach) and fresh fruit plates to panuchos (handmade fried tortillas with beans and toppings).