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El Café de Avelino

Some of the best coffee in Coatepec comes from a cafe with two tables and four chairs (five if you count the owner's). Owner Avelino Hernández – known locally as the Poeta del Café (coffee poet) – brews minor miracl…
Coffee in Coatepec

El Cafésitio

This thimble-sized cafe is primarily a place to purchase locally grown, gourmet coffee beans (M$160 to M$325 per kilogram), but there are three stools at the counter on which you can perch to try the wares in the fo…
Cafe in Coatepec


A charming cafe run by a friendly team of coffee roasters, who serve up their delicious wares (think fantastic coffee and mouthwatering cakes) in a lovely back garden space a short distance from the main square.