Archaeological Site in Cacaxtla & Xochitécatl


The large murals at Cacxtla are on display among the ruins themselves. They evoke a real sense of history where it happened and are worth seeing before they, unfortunately, continue to fade into history. The main at…
Archaeological Site in Cholula

Zona Arqueológica

The Pirámide Tepanapa, located two blocks to the southeast of Cholula’s central plaza, looks more like a hill than a pyramid and has a domed church on top so it’s tough to miss. The town’s big drawcard is no letdown…
Archaeological Site in Cholula

Pirámide Tepanapa

The incredible Pirámide Tepanapa looks more like a hill than a pyramid, but it's still the town's big draw, and, with miles of tunnels veining the inside of the structure, it's no let-down. The Zona Arqueológica com…
Archaeological Site in Cacaxtla & Xochitécatl


Because of its outline and the materials used, archaeologists believe the circular Pirámide de la Espiral was built between 1000 and 800 BC. Its form and hilltop location suggest it may have been used as an astronom…
Museum in Cholula

Museo de la Ciudad de Cholula

This excellent museum is housed in a fantastically restored colonial building on the zócalo. The small but strong collection includes ceramics and jewelry from the Pirámide Tepanapa, as well as later colonial painti…
Christian Site in Cholula

Ex-Convento de San Gabriel

The Ex-Convento de San Gabriel (also known as Plaza de la Concordia), facing the east side of Cholula's huge zócalo, includes a tiny but interesting Franciscan library and three fine churches, all of which will appe…
Church in Cholula

Capilla de la Tercera Orden

In the middle of Cholula's huge zócalo is the 19th-century Capilla de la Tercera Orden.
Church in Cholula

Templo de San Gabriel

The Templo de San Gabriel was founded in 1530 on the site of a pyramid.
Church in Cholula

Capilla Real

The Arabic-style Capilla Real has 49 domes and dates from 1540.
Plaza in Cholula


The Ex-Convento de San Gabriel, facing the east side of Cholula’s huge zócalo (in San Pedro, not to be confused with Zócalo de San Andrés to the east), includes a tiny but interesting Franciscan library and three fi…