Top Choice Museum in Durango

Museo de la Ciudad 450

This impressive museum dedicated to Durango city is housed in a structure that dates back to 1901. The museum's 14 rooms feature an interesting permanent collection of interactive exhibits, from pre-Hispanic times t…
Top Choice Museum in Chihuahua

Museo Casa de Villa

Housed in Quinta Luz, Pancho Villa's 48-room former mansion, this museum is a must-see for anyone who appreciates a made-for-Hollywood story of crime, stakeouts and riches. The interior is loaded with Villa’s person…
Museum in Chihuahua

Casa Chihuahua

Chihuahua’s former Palacio Federal (built 1908–10) has been used as a mint, a Jesuit monastery, a military hospital and a post office, but is now a cultural center full of good-quality exhibits, with most explanatio…
Architecture in Chihuahua


The majestic cathedral, built between 1725 and 1826, presides over the bustle of the Plaza de Armas. Behind its marvelous baroque facade are an altar of Italian marble and the original organ installed in 1796.
Museum in Chihuahua

Galería de Armas

Galería de Armas has a variety of guns and swords from the Independence era.
Museum in Chihuahua

Museo de Hidalgo

The small Museo de Hidalgo concentrates on the life of Miguel Hidalgo, a priest and a leader of the Mexican War of Independence. He was imprisoned and executed in Chihuahua.
Museum in Chihuahua

Museo Casa de Juárez

President Benito Juárez’ residence in this house during the French occupation made Chihuahua the capital of the Mexican republic from 1864 to 1866. Now a museum with the 1860s feel still intact, it includes document…
Gallery in Chihuahua

Quinta Gameros

Built in an incredibly elaborate belle epoque architectural style by a wealthy mine owner, this museum is filled with a mix of period furnishings and art. Every room is unique and, while the quality of the stained g…
in Chihuahua

Templo San Francisco

The simple, white Templo de San Francisco, at the foot of the square, is the city’s oldest church, built between 1721 and 1741.
Museum in Durango

Museo de las Culturas Populares

Exhibits craftwork from Durango state’s indigenous Tepehuanes and Huicholes and other artisans, including some hauntingly beautiful masks.