Top Choice Historic Building in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Na Bolom

An atmospheric museum-research center, Na Bolom for many years was the home of Swiss anthropologist and photographer Gertrude Duby-Blom (Trudy Blom; 1901–93) and her Danish archaeologist husband Frans Blom (1893–196…
Top Choice Museum in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Museo de la Medicina Maya

This award-winning museum on the northern edge of town introduces the system of traditional medicine used by many indigenous people in the Chiapas highlands. Exhibits include displays of a ritual scene inside a chur…
Top Choice Church in San Juan Chamula

Templo de San Juan

Standing beside the main plaza, Chamula’s main church is a ghostly white, with a vividly painted arch of green and blue. Inside the darkened sanctuary, hundreds of flickering candles, clouds of copal incense, and wo…
Top Choice Museum in Tapachula

Museo Arqueológico del Soconusco

The modern, well-displayed Museo Arqueológico del Soconusco faces Parque Hidalgo. Steles and ceramics from Izapa are prominent. On these steles, the top fringe represents the sky and gods, the middle depicts earthly…
Archaeological Site in Ocosingo


The towering ceremonial core of Toniná, overlooking a pastoral valley 14km east of Ocosingo, comprises one of the Maya world’s most imposing temple complexes. This was the city that brought mighty Palenque to its kn…
Archaeological Site in Palenque

Palenque Ruins

Ancient Palenque stands at the precise point where the first hills rise out of the Gulf coast plain, and the dense jungle covering these hills forms an evocative backdrop to Palenque’s exquisite Maya architecture. H…
Archaeological Site in Bonampak, Yaxchilán & the Carretera Fronteriza

Plan de Ayutla

The remote Maya ruins of Plan de Ayutla sit on an evocatively overgrown site, with buildings in various states of excavation and abandonment. From the dirt lot under dense tree canopy, follow a winding path up the r…
Waterfall in Comitán Region

El Chiflón

These mighty waterfalls tumble off the edge of an escarpment 41km southwest of Comitán. For an up-close experience of sheer awesome power, El Chiflón is hard to beat.
Archaeological Site in Tapachula Region

Izapa Ruins

The pre-Hispanic ruins at Izapa are important to archaeologists, and of real interest to archaeology buffs. Izapa flourished from approximately 200 BC to AD 200, and its carving style (mostly seen on tall slabs know…
Canyon in Chiapa de Corzo

Cañón del Sumidero

The Sumidero Canyon is a spectacular fissure in the earth, found north of Tuxtla Gutiérrez. In 1981 the Chicoasén hydroelectric dam was completed at its northern end, damming the Río Grijalva, which flows through th…