Top things to do

in Chapala

Coffee Hour

A young crowd, good tunes, high-speed wi-fi and great coffee equals the perfect coffee house in our book.
Seafood in Chapala

Beer Garden

This Chapala institution has drawn crowds to the lakefront since 1925. Enjoy shrimp, whitefish and, of course, beer on the rambling patio. There's regular live music.
Mexican in Chapala

La Leña

Get away from the rather sanitized restaurants around the malecón and try a slice of delicious local life at this semi-open-air place on Chapala’s main street. With a great selection of meaty dishes, the specialty i…
Mexican in Chapala


There’s nothing like a collection of cattle skulls to whet your appetite! This friendly local restaurant could actually be really charming were the TV not always blaring telenovelas (soap operas) into the main room.…
Seafood in Chapala

Isla Cozumel

The best of the touristy lakefront restaurants, Cozumel stands at the end of the waterfront and is very popular with visitors who enjoy the complimentary margaritas as a prelude to the seafood-biased meals – everyth…
Mexican in Chapala

Chapala's Fonda

For something more down to earth than the glossy restaurants around the lake check out the simple restaurants under the portales (arcades) of the main plaza. By far the best regarded of these is Chapala's Fonda, w…
Island in Chapala

Isla de Mezcala

The most interesting island to visit on Lago de Chapala is Isla de Mezcala. Here you’ll find ruins of a fort where Mexican independence fighters held strong from 1812 to 1816, repulsing several Spanish attacks befor…
Island in Chapala

Isla de los Alacranes

A ticket booth at the pier’s entrance sells boat tickets to Isla de los Alacranes (Scorpion Island), 6km from Chapala, which has some restaurants and souvenir stalls but is not very captivating. A round trip, with 3…
Pier in Chapala


The pier extends from the end of Avenida Madero, over marshlands and into the sky-blue lake. Relax on one of the white wrought-iron benches and catch an afternoon breeze or some morning sun.
Market in Chapala

Crafts Market

Near the pier is a small crafts market that spills over a network of lawns running parallel to the malecón (waterfront walk) .