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Getting There & Away

Cerocahui hotels will pick you up at El Chepe's Bahuichivo train stop if you have reserved a room. If you haven’t, you can often catch a ride with one of their vans anyway, though they'll be expecting you to check in on arrival.

Alternatively, a local bus leaves Abarrotes El Teto, a small grocery store at the entrance to town that doubles as a bus stop, and is a M$50 taxi ride from the train station. The bus leaves for Cerocahui (M$50, 40 minutes) and Urique (M$230, 3½ hours or more) daily at around 1:30pm; it waits for the train from Chihuahua but does not always wait for the one from Los Mochis. Returning, it leaves Urique at 7am and passes through Cerocahui at around 10am and Bahuichivo at 11am. From Bahuichivo, buses depart every two hours from 6am to 2pm to San Rafael (M$50, 45 minutes), Areponápuchi (M$60, one hour), Divisadero (M$10, 70 minutes), Creel (M$100, two hours) and Chihuahua (M$350, seven to eight hours).

There are several intriguing back roads from Cerocahui that look temptingly direct on maps but should not be attempted without expert local advice. These roads have tough 4WD-only stretches, traverse isolated lands harboring drug plantations and parts can be washed out after heavy rains. A track connects Cerocahui to Choix (from where there’s a paved road to El Fuerte), and another links Bahuichivo with Álamos via Témoris. Consult the owners of Hotel Paraíso del Oso or Cabañas San Isidro about security and road conditions.