Top Choice Museum in Xalapa

Museo de Antropología

Set in spacious gardens on the west side of Avenida Xalapa, 4km northwest of the center, the building that encases this remarkable museum (containing Mexico’s second-finest archaeological collection) is a work of ar…
Top Choice Plaza in Córdoba

Parque de 21 de Mayo

You don't come to Córdoba’s main plaza to tick off a list of 'sights.' You come here to live life. The square vies with Veracruz city's as the region’s most jazzy and vibrant. It’s far larger than the port city’s pl…
Top Choice Museum in Orizaba

Palacio de Hierro

The ‘Iron Palace’ is Orizaba’s fanciful art nouveau landmark. The palace’s interior has been converted into half a dozen small museums. Most notable are the Museo de la Cerveza, tracking Orizaba’s beer industry; the…
Top Choice Cable Car in Orizaba

Teleférico de Orizaba

Orizaba's newest attraction (opened in 2014) is this cable car, which rattles and sways visitors from its riverside site across from the Palacio Municipal right up to the top of the Cerro del Borrego hill for incred…
Gallery in Xalapa

Galería de Arte Contemporáneo

The town’s contemporary art gallery is in a renovated colonial building 1km east of the center. Showing an interesting range of temporary exhibitions and some ceramics, there’s also a small movie theater that screen…
Park in Xalapa

Jardín Botánico Clavijero

Southwest of the town center, this attractive park has an expansive collection of subtropical and cloud-forest plants. The pines are particularly prolific.
in Xalapa

Museo de la Fauna

The small Museo de la Fauna has some shamefully tethered eagles on display plus snakes and other reptiles.
Park in Xalapa

Parque de los Tecajetes

Another dense, jungle-like nature park where you’ll forget you’re in the city. It’s 1km from the center on Avenida Ávila Camacho. Joggers and walkers enjoy rustic paths and stone aqueducts.
Park in Xalapa

Parque Ecológico Macuiltépetl

Atop a hill north of the city, this 40-hectare park is actually the heavily wooded cap of an extinct volcano. Spiraling to the top, the park’s paths are a treasure for the city’s robust fraternity of joggers, and pr…
Gallery in Xalapa

Pinacoteca Diego Rivera

Tucked beneath the west side of the plaza, this small gallery houses a modest collection of Rivera’s works, as well as pieces from other Mexican artists. There's excellent coffee to be had at the Jarochostyle Café o…