Top Choice Seafood in Mexcaltitán

La Alberca

On the east side of the island, this has a great lagoon view. It's cheerily run, despite the fact that the staff have to spend half their days peeling crustaceans. It's all about shrimp: try shrimp empanadas, shrimp…
Top Choice Seafood in Boca de Pascuales

Las Hamacas del Mayor

A local fixture since 1953, this famous seafood eatery seats 1000 and opens every day of the year. Strolling mariachis entertain the crowds, kids frolic in the pool, and there are great views of surfers riding monst…
Top Choice Seafood in Barra de Navidad

El Manglito

With a lovely outlook over the water and welcome breezes, this lagoon restaurant is basically a slab of concrete and sand with a makeshift roof, plastic tables and few frills beyond plenty of greenery, but it produc…
Top Choice Seafood in Manzanillo

Mariscos El Aliviane

A terrific little street stall across from Hotel Playa Santiago, where local heads crowd wooden tables for tostadas, cócteles (seafood cocktails) and platters of shrimp, octopus, scallops and ceviche. Beers are icy …
Seafood in Puerto Vallarta

Joe Jack’s Fish Shack

Seafood aficionados flock to this joint for fish and chips, garlic shrimp, whole red snapper and great slabs of mahimahi. Large groups are graciously accommodated on the pleasant rooftop terrace. The service is jovi…
Seafood in Puerto Vallarta

La Palapa

Elegant beach dining at its best. Tables are positioned to take full advantage of the sea views, making it a particularly marvelous spot for breakfast or to watch the sun set. The offering changes but always include…
Seafood in Mazatlán

Puerto Viejo

A classic corner bar that can't be ignored for its popular sundowner location, fresh-as-morning seafood, crowd of regulars and performing ranchera troubadours. Locals and tourists alike can't help but be charmed. Da…
Seafood in Zihuatanejo

La Sirena Gorda

Close to the pier, this place (The Fat Mermaid) is a casual and popular open-air restaurant that’s good for garlic shrimp, curry tuna and an intriguing range of fish tacos. Fresh fish fillets are done in a variety o…
Seafood in San Blas

La Isla

With its over-the-top seashell-encrusted interior, this place serves some of the best seafood in San Blas. Indulge yourself with one of the platillos especiales, a mix of shrimp, octopus and fresh fish cooked howeve…
Seafood in Mexcaltitán

Mariscos Kika

For fish, shrimp and octopus cooked a dozen ways, hop on a boat to this family-run place on a small island just across from Mexcaltitán’s main dock. Grassy lawns and sun loungers provide a reason to linger.