Reserva Ecológica de Nanciyaga

Ecoresort in Catemaco

On the northeast shore of the Laguna Catemaco, 8km from Catemaco, the well-established Reserva Ecológica de Nanciyaga preserves a small tract of rainforest. The grounds are replete with a temascal (traditional steam room), an ancient planetarium and Olmec-themed decorations and replicas. Rustic accommodations bring you closer to nature. Arrive by pirata (M$12), taxi (M$90) or by boat (M$60 per person; hire in Catemaco).

One night’s lodging (M$1780 for two people with food) in solar-powered cabins includes a mineral mud bath, a massage, a guided walk and kayak use. You have to walk to the bathrooms, so it’s a mix of rustic and high-quality. It’s not for everyone, but it provides an incredible experience for those who want to be very close to nature while being reasonably comfortable. Even though it plays up the indigenous theme, this place stands out for its organization and cleanliness.