A designated bike lane along Avenida Kukulcán connects the Zona Hotelera with Cancún Centro.


To reach the Zona Hotelera from Cancún Centro, catch any bus with ‘R-1' ‘Hoteles’ or ‘Zona Hotelera’ displayed on the windshield as it travels along Avenida Tulum toward Avenida Cobá then eastward on Avenida Cobá. South of Avenida Cobá, along Avenida Tulum, you can also catch the 'R-27' to the Zona Hotelera.

To reach Puerto Juárez and the Isla Mujeres ferries, you can either take a northbound 'Punta Sam' or 'Puerto Juárez' colectivo from a bus stop on Avenida Tulum (across from the ADO terminal), or you can wait on Avenida Tulum for an R-1 'Puerto Juárez' bus.

Car & Motorcycle

Cancún can get congested at times and driving inside the city may not be worth the stress. Park in white curb areas only unless you've been specifically told parking in yellow is OK. Red, green and anything else than white is prohibited or reserved. Most Zona Hotelera accommodations have designated parking areas where you can leave your vehicle, while in Cancún Centro you may have to leave it on the street. Use extreme caution when riding a motorcycle or scooter in the city and always wear a helmet.


Cancún’s taxis do not have meters. Fares are set, but you should always agree on a price before getting in; otherwise you could end up paying for a ‘misunderstanding.’ From Cancún Centro to Punta Cancún it's usually M$100 to M$130, to Puerto Juárez M$50 to M$70. Trips within the Zona Hotelera or downtown zones cost around M$50. Hourly and daily rates should be about M$240 and M$2000, respectively.