Mexican peso (M$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than M$1000

  • Dorm bed: M$230–325
  • Double room in a budget hotel: M$600–800
  • Tacos or economical meals: M$200–250
  • Buses: M$50

Midrange: M$1000–2000

  • Double room in a hotel: M$800–1600
  • Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: M$100–200
  • Admission to museum or ruins: M$55–70
  • Short taxi trip: M$25–50

Top end: More than M$2000

  • Double room or suite in a hotel: M$1600–5000
  • Lunch and dinner in upmarket restaurants: M$700–1500
  • Scuba or snorkeling tours: M$800–1240
  • Daily car rental: M$500–750


Most stores have set prices. You can do some friendly haggling in some arts and crafts markets, but don't get carried away – most of the artisans are just trying to make a living. Some hotels are willing to negotiate rates with walk-ins, especially during low season.


There are several banks with ATMs throughout the Zona Hotelera and downtown on Avenida Tulum. Cancún’s airport also has ATMs and money exchange.


Banamex ATM

Santander With several money exchange offices nearby.


  • Restaurants About 15% unless service comes included on the check.
  • Hotels Few people actually do it but you should leave about 5% to 10% of the room cost.
  • Taxis Drivers don't expect tips unless a special service is provided.
  • Baggers in supermarkets About M$3 per bag.
  • Gas station attendants M$5 to M$10