Market in Cancún & Around

Mercado 23

This market is a nice reality check if you're tired of seeing the same old tourist knickknacks elsewhere.
Shopping Centre in Cancún & Around

Mercado 28

Locals head to Mercado 28 for clothes, shoes, inexpensive food stalls, hardware items and so on.
Market in Cancún & Around

Mercado Municipal Ki-Huic

This warren of stalls and shops carries a wide variety of souvenirs and handicrafts.
Mall in Cancún & Around

Plaza Kukulcán

The largest of the indoor malls is Plaza Kukulcán. Of note here are the temporary art exhibits, the many stores selling silverwork and La Ruta de las Indias, a shop featuring wooden models of Spanish galleons and re…
Market in Mérida

Mercado Municipal Lucas de Gálvez

Mérida’s main market is a great spot to pick up that perfect piece of kitsch.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Artesanías Bazar García Rejón

A wide variety of products (primarily handicrafts) concentrated into one area of shops.
Clothing in Mérida

Camisería Canul

A good place for guayaberas (embroidered dress shirts) and huipiles (traditional blouses and dresses). It has been in business for years, offering fixed prices and custom tailoring.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Casa de las Artesanías

One place to start looking for handicrafts is this government-supported market for local artisans. Prices are fixed.
Arts & Crafts in Mérida

Hamacas El Aguacate

Hamacas El Aguacate stocks quality hammocks at decent prices, and there's absolutely no hard sell.
Books in Mérida

Librería Dante

Has a small selection of paperbacks in English, as well as some guidebooks, and a large selection of archaeology books in English, French, German and Spanish. The company has other branches throughout the city.