Top Choice Museum in Cancún & Around

Museo Maya de Cancún

Holding one of the Yucatán's most important collections of Maya artifacts, this modern museum is a welcome sight in a city known more for its party scene than cultural attractions. On display are some 400 pieces fou…
Archaeological Site in Cancún & Around

Zona Arqueológica El Rey

In the Zona Arqueológica El Rey, on the west side of Blvd Kukulcán, there’s a small temple and several ceremonial platforms. The site gets its name from a sculpture excavated here of a noble, possibly a rey (king), …
Archaeological Site in Cancún & Around

San Miguelito

Cancún's newest archaeological site opened in 2012 and contains more than a dozen restored Maya structures inhabited between AD 1200 and 1550, prior to the arrival of the conquistadors. A path from the Museo Maya le…
Zoo in Cancún & Around

Crococun Zoo

About 23km south of the Cancún airport, this former crocodile farm now calls itself a conservationist zoo that protects some of the area's endangered species. The price of admission includes a guided tour in which v…
Amusement Park in Cancún & Around

All Ritmo

Little ones can splish and splash to their heart's content at this water park, which also has mini-golf and shuffleboard. The turnoff is 2km north of the Ultramar ferry terminal. 'Punta Sam' colectivos on Avenida Tu…
Landmark in Cancún & Around

Plaza de Toros

Built into the Plaza de Toros are several bars, some with music, that draw a largely local crowd.
Shopping Centre in Cancún & Around

Avenida Tulum

Cancún's main north-south thoroughfare is Avenida Tulum, a wide boulevard lined with banks, shopping centers and restaurants.
Ruins in Cancún & Around

Mayan Temple

Dedicated chiefly to Ixchel, Maya goddess of the moon and fertility, this temple was 'discovered' by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba's expedition in 1517. The conquistadors found various clay female figures…
Outdoors in Cancún & Around

Park Las Palapas

Quiet and safe Las Palapas is a great place for an afternoon picnic or an evening stroll.
Beach in Cancún & Around

Playa Delfines

Delfines is about the only beach with a public car park; unfortunately, its sand is coarser and darker than the exquisite fine sand of the more northerly beaches. On the upside, the beach has great views, there are …