Top Choice Mexican in Campeche


Marganzo is popular with tourists and locals, for good reason – the food is great, the portions large and the complimentary appetizers numerous. An extensive menu offers everything from international fare to regiona…
Top Choice Seafood in Campeche

La Pigua

Some of Campeche's finest meals are served at this upscale restaurant just outside the walls and behind Hotel Plaza. Service is attentive and the specialties include seafood dishes – camarones al coco (coconut shrim…
Market in Campeche

Mercado Principal

Campeche’s bustling Mercado Principal, across the street from the Baluarte de San Pedro, offers some good snacks – if you can handle the 'rustic hygiene.'
Seafood in Campeche

Parador Gastrónomico de Cocteleros

This is a great place to sample the area's bountiful seafood. Over a dozen thatched-roof restaurants all serve pretty much the same thing: shrimp cocktails, fried fish and other seafood dishes. It's 4.5km from Plaza…
Mexican in Campeche

Café La Parroquia

This casual restaurant appeals to everyone with its wide-ranging menu and attentive, long-serving staff. Order everything from fried chicken to grilled pork to turkey soup, plus regional specialties. Tons of drinks …
International in Campeche

Luz de Luna

Carved, painted tables and folksy decor add a creative atmosphere to this popular restaurant on a pedestrian street. The menu choices are reasonable – try the shrimp salad, chicken fajitas, flank steak or vegetarian…
Cafe in Campeche

Cafe Luan

This friendly, well-lit spot serves excellent lighter breakfast and lunch snacks, from eggs (any way you want them) to hot cakes and freshly made sandwiches. Reasonable coffee and excellent smoothies make it a great…
Mexican in Campeche

El Bastión de Campeche

Don't let the drab exterior fool you – this plaza-side stalwart serves up some good Campechano dishes. Cool off with a chaya juice before tucking in to a chicken breast stuffed with chile xcatic (a hot, yellow chili…